Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grandmommy and Grandad's 60 Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Landon's mom and aunt hosted the anniversary dinner. They had it at the Plaza, a Mexican food restaurant.  Bussing tables at the old Plaza was actually Landon's very first job when he was 15.  They did such a cute job decorating.  They had helium balloons everywhere and tied small pictures of Grandmommy, Granddad, their kids and grandkids to the bottoms of them. Such a cute idea and it was fun to go around and look at all the photos.

  Grandmommy had been really sick a couple years back and some in between. This was an extra special event since we felt so blessed to still have her with us.  Granddad is the kindest man and so brilliant. He can remember dates of anything and everything he's ever done in his whole life, he's a numbers kind of guy.  He's also quite the handy man and can fix anything. Grandmamma likes to spoil us with the best home cooked meals. We laugh because she's very sweet but also not one to hold back on her opinion and she'll tell it like it is...totally reminds me of my mom : )

They had 65 guest and guess what grandmommy did because she likes to make everyone feel so special...she went down the rows and introduced every single person and told how they met and how they were friends.  She didn't run out of kind words and remembered every single persons name even the people who brought a friend with them. I don't' think I could even do that...apparently grandmom's brilliant too!

Getting some Sugars!

I was supposed to help Kaytie with the desserts and totally bombed on that one. She did a beautiful and the cupcakes were adorable and matched the balloons.  It's all in the details!

We didn't take Hason since there were so many people there...that's a few to many germs.
(sometimes my hair looks like a mullet, I don't know why, so annoying)

Landon's grandma and aunt Cindy were there from the Gann side of the family.
We hope and pray we make it to 60 years of marriage someday! 

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