Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Friday

This week was red week at preschool. I so enjoy all the little themes they have like color day, letter day, farm cute.

Love this dreamy little look he gets while he's nursing :)

He's so animated.....

Friday night after Landon got off we went out to eat, we never do this and we never choose a place that's not cheap lol.  We ate at a seafood place we've been wanting to try, I can't remember the name but it was so good.

Since it was our first time eating there the waiter brought us a sampler of all their soups, isn't that cool! Landon and I love trying new foods so we were thrilled.  They were all so good, we decided we'd have to come back on a cold day and order some soup.

They also brought us a sample of oyster chips...those were really delicious and they have specials on them on Wednesdays...guess you know where we will be on Wednesday ha.

It was a nice night out with the family.  I hope Hason is as good as Brielle when he's older and we all go out to eat.  We literally had one bad restaurant experience with B when she was like was embarrassing.  But that was it, she's always been very good. I was always really good at taking enough food and toys to keep her entertained while we waited on ours though and she was never allowed out of her high chair at meals to run around or sit with she would sit in there for an hour and a half and be so good cause she didn't know otherwise.

Little man after his bath with his first Mohawk lol.

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