Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hason's 2 months old

My sweet Hason is 2 months old.
This is what you are up to
*You weigh a whopping 15lbs(the size of a 4 month old) 98th percentile
*24 inches long 90th percentile and I don't know what your head size was but it was also in the 90th.
*you are in size 1 diapers but only because we have half a box left and I'm not about to let them go to waste.  Otherwise you would definitely be in 2's.
*you drink anywhere from 4 to 6 ounces in a feeding, you nurse great and aren't picky about your bottles either.
*You are in 3 to 6 month clothes, 3 months are quite snug
*you like to turn your head to the's a bit flatter on that side.
*You are a smiley baby (when you're not fussing)  Way more smiley than your sister, it's pretty easy to get you to give me a big grin, that's the best part of my day!
*you've also begun to talk to us, you coo and growl and make all sorts of noises back, so incredibly sweet!!
*you love having your diaper changed. You don't get to upset when it's dirty but definitely aren't as comfortable with a dirty diaper as your sister was
*you've got a pretty gassy/upset tummy, I don't' know what the deal is, we've tried everything. It wakes you up at night which we both hate. hoping you'll grow outta that in a month.
* The longest stretches of sleep you've had are 3 1/2 hrs...a little ridiculous at this age my son, lets step it up.
*One great thing about you is that you've never had your days and nights mixed up.  You always go right back to sleep after eating at night and we always lay you down awake so you go to sleep on your own really well. Sometimes with the help of a paci sometimes not.  You also have always slept in your pack and play...We didn't want to start any bad habits from the beginning that we may have to break later's much more work doing it this way but will be better for all of us in the long run.
* you love your bouncer and take paci's pretty well
*You've go the stinkiest little roles, I'm constantly having to wipe them're just so chubby!
*You have found your hands and manage to get them in your mouth most the time.
*you hate stop  signs and stop lights
*you are quite fussy and aren't happy for long unless you are eating or I'm holding you

This is quite boring mom.....

Oh mom you're so funny...

Love my smiley baby!
I forgot to post this a while ago, You can tell they are brother and sister I think..........
He normally gets pretty calm when we lay him down to change his diap.

Yes! It's diaper changing time



Here's just a few of those rolls. This is the back of his knee and thigh. No matter how hard I try to keep up with cleaning your little rolls they always seem to get irritated and red, I don't know what you get in there. I also always find fuzz/fluff in your hands from having them clasp especially the crease of your thumb haha.

You smiley chubby thing you!

HAHA! So squeezable!

This is one of my favorites...when I talk to him he will sometimes respond like this...stick his tongue out, arms down and make a spitting sound. I could just eat you my sweet baby!

I laugh every time we put him in his car seat. This poor owl gets a slobbery ear every time. Hason gets excited and thinks its food lol.

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