Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just Hason

So the first month of Hason's life was pretty easy around here!
Not gonna lie...from then on it's been sooo hard.  It's not hard having two kids, he's just a hard baby.  Landon and I don't do well in the newborn stage. It's a trying time for us. I definitely don't do well without sleep.  I would really like to get him on a schedule and started the eat wake sleep routine at 5 weeks, so about 3 weeks ago.  Good thing about him is that he's never had his days and nights mixed up.  He may wake every 2 hrs at  night to eat but he always goes right back to sleep thank goodness!

People always say to let the house go, rest, the laundry can wait.  I totally agree especially in the first few weeks or month while your are healing but I'm to the point where I feel like I have no control of my life.  This little one has take all that away ha.  So by having a clean home, dinner made and chores done I feel happier cause I can at least keep that part of my life under control and in order!

Oh my how I need so darn sleep!

But good gosh am I in love. He's just so beautiful, I can't wait to see his personality start to come through!

Big old smile for Dada!

What's that I feel.....


What the heck was that! lol, bless his heart!

I could just eat those rolls. How happy am I that I got a chunky baby!

Doing the "I'm all clean dance"

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  1. Most delicious rolls!! I really need to see him!!


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