Monday, September 9, 2013

Until Next Time

As our family reunion came to a close we made sure to squeeze in one more Mexican food meal for Natalie before she headed back to's her favorite and apparently it's none existent over there.

There's some water fountains next to the restaurant where the kids like to play so Kasey and Dawey thought they'd give it a try.....

I could not stop laughing...Derrick is totally holding his breath as if he's in the pool or something! LOL!

That night my mom had us all over for a last dinner.
Natalie brought back some awesome gifts from Italy including wines and chocolates so we played the white elephant game

What a fun, dramatic, tiring, wonderful, did my heart so much good week it was with our whole family (minus 2)

Someday I will not have bags under my eyes anymore and I may feel like fixing my hair.

Before Kasey, Dawey and Sasha headed off their separates ways the next day we headed to Denton so Sasha could try one of my favorite little restaurants.  They serve 25 different macaroni combinations and Sasha loves macaroni!
Before we went back to our sad empty house Landon and I drove around looking for Greek row, I didn't realize the college was that big or that they even had Frats and Sorority's. Anytime we visit a city with Greeks we stop and take pictures with our houses. We couldn't find the Sigma Nu's.  This is by far the smallest Chi O house I've seen so far.

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