Thursday, September 5, 2013

Natalie and Kasey Visit!

My cousin has been working in Italy for the past 2 years, this will be her third and last (yay!) 
She was able to get a week off to come home and visit this summer!!! I was so excited, it had been almost a year since I'd seen her and best of all she would get to meet Hason as a newborn! sister who lives in Kansas also got off work and was able to come with the boys.....
Natalie meeting Hase for the first time.

Brielle was excited as ever to have family visit

My sister hadn't met Hason either...first time holding her nephew.

He's been such a fussy butt that we decided to take him to the chiropractor to see if that would help.  Oh my was the Dr nice and patient.  She just loved on him, it was so sweet.  It was a bit weird when she dangled him upside down but then again that would probably feel really good to anyone to get stretched out like that!

After the Chiro we stopped at this cute little café in Lewisville on the way to the mall.

She likes her sour stuff.

Brielle was soooo good and patient...shopped around with us for 4 hours before she finally got to ride her merry go round.  I was so proud of her....this was the first time she road all by herself without someone standing next to her.

I spent most of my time in here. Thank goodness for places that have these rooms.  I was super engorged and in pain from not nursing constantly the past day so I had to stop and get Hason to fix the problem.

Back at home we enjoyed dinner on the patio

So happy to have my "sisters" home with me! Even though I was an exhausted stressed out mess :)

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