Friday, September 6, 2013

Pinata, Say WHAAT!

Our weekend turned into a family cousin Derrick drove in from Austin and the rest of our family from Amarillo came in as well!!! Sasha turned 18 that week so we had a unicorn theme birthday party per her request.

Whats the one thing that could make any party better...a Pinata of course!
Look at that little peeker......

Um no mom........
Look how cute daddy was, all smiles

It's above you...
just's below you....
Don't break my window!

Brielle was the sweetest little thing, cheering everyone on and waiting her turn so patiently!

So that was the toughest piƱata ever! Sasha was happy we didn't destroy it cause she wanted to take him home and keep him forever.
Time for the birthday girl to open her presents.
Mommy bought B this super cute unicorn doesn't get more than a couple inches off the ground and it's supposed to look like you are walking him on a leash. So adorable, Kasey was pretty jealous she didn't get one.

This sight makes me so happy. I love nothing more than when we are all  together! We did miss Trent and Colton though!

The girls

Ok so if you don't have vine...go get the app.  Then look up Marcus Johns....he is freakin hilarious...
"Sometimes you just don't care!!!"

Blessed, blessed and more blessed :)

Cut it out you two!

Together again, there's no other way but together again!

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