Wednesday, November 5, 2014

15 Month Check Up

Hason has turned 15 months old.  He's got quite the personality.  He doesn't talk much but he lets you know what he wants and how he feels about things!

First time on the big kid scale haha

He is so good, so so good (most of the time)  He just sat there as still as can be while she checked him.

Then he had to show me everything........

I mean everything!

"Now I'm bored mom."

Afterwards we spent a little time at the park.

Look mom look!

He's so beautiful!

I ADORE this picture! Such a sweet little innocent face!

We have been struggling with horrible diaper rashes for weeks now! We have tired everything, even airing him our haha.  We mentioned it to Landon's Grammy and she said she remembered when her twin grandsons were babies and teething, they would always get horribly "bloody" rashes.  Hason has two spot that started bleeding.  I hate diaper rashes, they make me crazy.  I feel so bad for him. No matter how much we are on top of diaper changes though he still manages to get rashy they are just so acidic! 

Hason you are 15 months old, what are you up to:

*you weigh 28lbs... 95th percentile, I believe it. Please stop growing so I can hold you longer!
*you are 32.5 inches tall.... 90th percentile
* your head is a 48.9.....93rd percentile lol
*you are still in size 4 diapers, I surprised we haven't had to move you up to 5's or overnights yet.  
* you are down to one nap a day, still at the same time but a little longer since you dropped your afternoon nap around 14 months of age.  You sleep from 11am to 1:30pm.
*you've gotten picky with food. You don't like peas, squash, broccoli, tomatoes...and so on.  Kinda a meat and potatoes kinda guy.  But I'm stubborn and will just keep giving them to you!
* you haven't added many more words to your vocabulary.  I know this can be normal with a second child and especially a boy but it does worry me a bit!  You say momma, dada, car, shoe, go, no,book and you attempt to say banana.  You've just learned how to say "poop" and we love it, sounds so cute when you say it!  I think that's about it.  I'm trying really hard to repeat tons of words to you.
*you have learned what a duck says and say "caw caw caw" in the attempt to mimic a duck lol
*You love the park and you LOVE to slide.
*You only have 4 teeth left to come in. (except for the 2 year molars)  The top and bottom canine ones are all that's left thank goodness cause I am over this teething business.  It's been hard on you.  The two top ones are actually making their way through right now so only two more to go! YAY! 

 He still loves animals (Go Go's or Cawcoes) 

I've been super busy with updating our house little by little here and there.
One day I just got sick of looking at this ugly wallpaper in our bathroom!
I had had it, so I decided to texture sand and paint it.

My beautiful handsome was so well behaved.  Yes he got into a couple things like the paint lids while I was working but for the most part he just played for hours in the living room by himself.  Such a sweet boy!  I really appreciated his patience with me being so busy.

Tada! The finished product.  I'm not sure about the color.  It is beautiful but doesn't really match the rest of our house since everything else is grey.  I may go back and do i more in an ivory or cream.  When something doesn't quite seem right it bothers me forever and I have to change it over and over.  Like my living room but I've finally got that the way i want it!

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