Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's Almost Birthday Time!

Brielle's Birthday is on it's way.  We had family trickling in for the event.  Hason even got some gifts to open....

Yup, that happened again...
I guess it's becoming our tradition to make marshmallow snacks for Brielle's class to celebrate her Birthday! 

I also worked for two days making some very special cookies for a very special girl.  The look on her face was worth all that time decorating these silly things :)

Our finished marshmallows......

I wanted to make the day special so we stopped at Papa Murphy's so she could make her own pizza that day.

Gigi and Gannpa were the first to arrive.  

She was excited to see her door decorated, she didn't remember this from last year which surprised me.  She remembers everything!

That morning she opened her gift from us....

Frozen light up shoes she's been talking about forever! 

Grandma sent this cute hat for Hason, I had to snap a couple of pictures to send her of course.

For her birthday breakfast she wanted to go eat donuts with everyone cause she said "Gannpa loooooves donuts!"

Gimme some of your tots!

Nonna got B the cutest Frozen watch with light up pictures on it.  You know that distracts her from going to sleep at night!

Be still my heart.

She enjoyed getting to open some gifts early...

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