Monday, November 17, 2014

Brielle You At 5!!!

It pains my heart you are getting so big!  5!  How did this happen, it flew by.
And I thought she looked big last year :(  She was just a baby!!!

4 years old....

What a difference a year makes...


* You weigh 37lbs that's the 35th percentile

*  You are 42 inches tall, Average for height, 50th percentile (you seem so tall to me, all your pants fit short)

* Your BMI is 40th percentile

* The Dr. predicts you will be 5'5.... just a tad shorter than me, I'm  5'5 1/2 :)

* You are a very independent girl, always have been (except for playing, you always want someone to play with you)  For the last year you have been getting yourself dressed, brushing your teeth, you make your own sandwiches a lot of the time, you get your own breakfast, and you are a huge help to me with Hason.

* We are in a talk back, trying to figure out who you are phase.  You have an answer for anything and always have to have to last word.  It's a bit trying for us but we will get through it.  I just hope you are this boisterous in high school when people are trying to get you to do stuff you don't want!

*You eat anything and everything still.  Except raw onions but you have decided you like cooked ones.  If there is something new you've never tried you will always give it a go to see if you like it :)

*You are starting to read and write.  You know over 50 sight words. You are so good at sounding out words and eager to learn to read, that makes us so proud!

*You don't have much interest in playing with toys, I almost have to force you!  You would much rather sit and color or create things.  You love to cut and paste and staple.  You love to make envelopes with letters inside especially since you can write now. You also love to make fans lol.

* You are currently doing cheer leading and awana once a week.  You love them both.

*Your chores involve feeding Neely, putting away the silverware, setting the table, picking up your toys, sorting socks, hanging up your clean shirts while I fold laundry, cleaning the glass on the doors and wiping the trash can down.

The Funny Things You Say:

- You call Mcdonalds... "Old Mcdonalds" haha I can't correct you cause it's too cute!

-The other day Dad was trying to comb your hair after your bath.  You kept bouncing around and he told you to sit still a dozen times.  Finally he yelled "sit still" and you said "I am!"  Then you went on to say that even though your are standing still you really aren't cause the earth is still moving.... LITTLE STINKER! 

-You call Monopoly "Banopoly"

-You don't say that things are real, you say they are "true"  I just love that.  For instance you tell us "Mom, Dad... did you know unicorns are true?"

-If something is made out of glass or is breakable you call them Glassables.
"mom hason is touching the glassables" lol

-I think I've posted this before but you call construction workers "instruction man"

-more times than not, when I'm asking Landon to do something or just giving him a hard time you will say "Dad don't listen to her, listen to you!"  You stick up for your daddy.

-We always thought she would love to go ice skating.  Apparently she never liked the idea cause this whole time she thought the ice could break and you would fall into water.  Bless her heart,  I wouldn't step foot on there either if that was the case.

-She says she speaks "flower mound" language and that it is the same as "Amarillo language" 

-She said the other day... "Well I'm almost 7, but right now I'm 4"

- you say "Don't Warry"  aka don't worry

-When you talk about people who aren't polite you start out by saying "well, bad mannered people don't (so and so)" 


What's your favorite color:  Pink

What's your favorite movie: Frozen

What's your favorite tv show: Wonder Pets

What's your favorite song: Let It Go

What do you want to be when you grow up:  Teacher

What would you buy if you had a $1,000: A princess Barbie 

What's your favorite veggie: Green Beans

Who is your hero:  Dad

What's your favorite animal:  Horse

What's your favorite book:  Frozen Book

What's your favorite toy:  Elsa Doll

Who is your best friend:  Hason

What's your favorite food:  Spaghetti 

What time does mom get up:  She gets up late

What does mom do while you are in school:  Go to the gym

What's your favorite thing about mom: That she loves me

What's your favorite thing to do with mom: Go fun places

Where does dad work:  The Bank of The West

What's your favorite thing to do with dad:  Play baseball with him

How tall is dad:  stretches her arms up and down and then says "this big", Then she ran and got the measuring tape.... 90 tall is what she got :)

How strong is dad: Strong like a bear or a giant

You have a big heart.  Your prayers are the sweetest things, I know God is smiling when he hears you talk to him!  You love love love your daddy.  You like to be in charge and be first and win all the time.  You are concerned with peoples feelings when they are sad or hurt.  You're very aware of your surroundings and pick up on a lot that we talk about.   You are incredibly fun to take places, you are a joy and your innocence is precious.  You have had your strong willed moments but all in all you are a very VERY  well behaved kid, you listen and obey so well, you are polite and concerned with using manners.  You are such a blessing to us and so easy.  We love you so very much and you make us so incredibly proud.  We are lucky to have you in our family.

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