Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Lil Pumpkins

Beautiful beautiful kiddos! God makes such beautiful things doesn't he?

Their Nonna gave them these little Halloween tees, I wanted to get some cute pics of them to send to her.

This little guy takes all his victories in stride, you can tell when he is proud of himself haha.  On this particular day he learned how to walk off of this "big" step  from our fireplace, what a feat! lol!

Then he practiced over and over ;)

Took my sweeties to Chick Fil A, we never go out to eat for lunch so it's a real treat when we do, I enjoy our lunch dates so much.  They are such good kids, never any trouble when we go out to eat.  What a blessing that is for sure.  Hason is still quite young so fingers crossed it stays this way, we haven't hit terrible twos yet.
Look at my honey bear asking for an ice cream cone all by herself.  She's gotten too big, way too big. 

Hase just loves this little table in our living room, I put it there so Brielle would have a good place to do her crafts and playdoh.  He has learned how to get himself on the seat, and feels so big doing it.   His little feet don't touch so they are just a swingin under there.

Baby parts are the best to squeeze and kiss and love!

  She's such a good and involved big sister.  Always making sure Hason is doing what he's supposed to.

Little man is so lovable and cuddly.  He has started giving everyone hugs.  Just a couple weeks ago when Landon got home from work he started running up to him and giving him hugs around the leg.  Be still my heart!

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