Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Saige and Maisie's Wedding Day!

My sister Kasey's sister in law is getting married!!! She has been with her boyfriend Saige for 5 years.  They are the most precious couple and I loved him from the very beginning.  He comes from a good family and has a heart of gold that guy!  We love the whole Johnson family and are so happy to see Maisie find the love of her life.  She's a good girl and deserves it.

They got married in the Amarillo Arts Museum.  I've never been there but it was a really neat place.  I love this saying and want it in my house somewhere.  Her parents call her "pooh"

Nothing I love more than watching the grooms reaction to his bride.

My sis looked so pretty!  Once again we surprised her.  She had no idea we were coming. She was already teary eyed when walking down the isle then she saw us and lost it lol ;)

Colt had to have foot surgery on both feet so hence the cane...

Maisie did a beautiful job decorating the place!

They had a milk and cookies bar!

and a hot cocoa station!

Caught James backhanding Sherry Ann.  She probably deserved it haha.

She didn't even notice :)

Words of wisdom......

Cutting their cake.... well if you look close you will see it's not an actual cake but a tier of donuts with two little lego people standing on the top lol.  You see Maisie and Saige are a little different, they are kinda nerds (and they know it) so we can say that.  There were a lot of unique things about their wedding I just loved!

David, Maisie's daddy kept walking around and seemed to not be enjoying himself that much.  James asked him why he wasn't partying and he said he had to keep and eye on all this art cause he had to take out a million dollar insurance policy YIKES. 
 If it wasn't for people having too many drinks and acting a fool with the art, David probably could have enjoyed himself :) oops......

There he is letting lose.....

Kasey made all the props for the Photo Booth.  That was way more fun that it was probably meant to be fro me :)

James kept holding the props not to our liking, he just finally gave up and started yelling at us "I don't know what to do!!!!!" LOL  James is fun and super funny anyways but get a few drinks in the guy.....

How sweet it is.....

Colt's grandpa is one of the craziest old me around.....

But not as crazy as his grandma... She didn't know what we were doing to her but when we showed her the picture she yelled "OH HELL!"  ha!

 We were only there a day but it did us much good to be in the car for 10 hours together.  I loved getting to spend that time with just me and my mom.

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