Monday, November 3, 2014

WT Homecoming 2014

I was beside myself about getting to go to WT's homecoming!  I've wanted to go back for the past two years but we haven't made it there.  Brings back so many memories form building and pomping the floats to watching the parade with all our friends as Alumni.  I just love it!  I had to get the kids tees made to represent our Fraternities.  (Chi Omega is technically a fraternity.)

Oh yeah! Sigma Nu for life!

Checking our the house his daddy used to live in.

My Chi Omega.  We sure hope that they are future Chi Omegas and Sigma Nu's but more than anything we just want the go Greek no matter what Frat or Sorority it is.

How do you do this? (They've come up with a new sign since we've been gone)

I couldn't be any prouder of my little family.

My Sis, Bent Bent and James met us there as well.

We all love us some Greg....

I cannot tell you how stinkin excited these Chi Omegas were when they saw Brielle sporting her Chi Omega shirt.  They literally rushed down off the float and grabbed her and said "we have to get a picture with her!!!!"  I think Brielle was a bit stunned haha.  It filled my heart with so much joy to see those girls excited and how cute they were and how much pride the had for our sorority!  Chi O for life!!!!!!

After the parade we went inside and reminisced about our days at the Sigma Nu house.  As the years go by they move the composite pictures down the wall till eventually you end up in the basement which is depressing cause you are officially old when that happens lol.  Landon was happy to still be in the stairwell. 

The year he was president and said he's shave his head if they had a great rush.  Well obviously they did :)

He's so mean looking in this pic, lighten up dude!

Landon's best friend AKA Grandpa,  Bless his heart but he just gets better looking with age so don't judge him by this's fun to laugh at though :)

Colty looks the exact same! What a cutie!

The unit was locked, I was so sad.  We couldn't go in ;(

After homecoming we met Shern and James at the WT game.  

We only stayed about an hour cause this one just kept trying to run away and eat the food off the ground.  He was so mad I wouldn't let him eat those pieces of hot dog bun lol!

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