Monday, November 24, 2014

Get Your Workout On

One beautiful Sunday we decided to take a walk on the trails by the lake and have a picnic.  We live just over 10 minutes from two lakes, I just love that!

Precious cargo....

Landon and I just brought turkey burgers and chips.  Here comes my mom with a tote filled with cheesy potato skins and salad.  She's good!

I love bank holidays!  The more people I meet and talk to the more it seems uncommon for husbands and daddies to be home in the evenings or weekends.  We are so thankful for Landon having a job where he is off on weekends and most nights gets home at 5:30 and more like 4 or 4:30 on Fridays!!  Not to mention all the bank holidays he gets.  I met a lady last week who's husband is only home one day a week :( and two other ladies around the block from me who's hubbies don't ever get home before 7.   That would be so incredibly hard.

We were excited to get to go to the gym together!  We used to do it all the time but now we go at separate times at different gyms.  Landon uses one close to his work cause it's much more convenient for him.  We like watching each other workout ;)  

That's hot right there!

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