Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pre Halloween Fun

There are small  carnivals all over the place the couple weeks before Halloween.  We made it to one, it was incredibly hot that day, sigh and I couldn't stand to be out there.  

Bless his heart.  I hadn't made his Peter Pan costume yet so his puppy one was what we had to go with. I didn't remember it being this short but I wasn't going to put pants on him, it was already hot enough.   But gosh darn it he's a cute puppy!!!!!!!

I pulled out my Halloween cookie cutters and did a ghost and a pumpkin for Brielle's lunch that week....

Then little guy and I attended her school costume parade....

Melts my heart! What a cutie! She waved at everyone the whole time haha!

I had to get pics of the Olaf family...

The teachers went all out and were adorable I thought.

Off to library time...I love this little pumpkin rhyme. Brielle taught it to us last year but I had forgotten about it.

I enjoyed library time so much with Briellle.  God what I wouldn't give to go back to that time!  Every time they play a song that her and I used to sing to at her library programs I cry.  I liked it so much more in Amarillo, we all sat on a rug in a circle with the babies in the middle.  They always had scarves or instruments to play with too.  Here we are all in this big room, the instructor takes forever to get started cause she gives our 1,000 rules at the beginning then tells us to keep our toddlers in arms reach.  YEAH RIGHT!  Brielle maybe but Hason... no.  I can keep him contained for a bit and then he's off and not in arms reach.  I'm like whatever, what are they gonna do kick me outta story time.  These are one year olds people.  They are not made to sit still.  I get pretty annoyed with them.  This is at the Lewisville library, The Flower Mound one runs right during his nap time so we can't go there, but as soon as he moves his nap schedule to later in the day I will switch him over.

MMMM good ole home cooking tuscan chicken stew for this cold weather that's finally coming our way.

Ball bread, who rolls their bread up in a ball and eats it.   My sister Kasey and Cousin Derrick and Sasha all did this when they were little.  Gross.

This one is into everything, he got into the pantry when I was cooking and found a big O chunk of Almond Bark.  I wish I would have seen the reaction on his face when he realized the sweet goodness he just bit into!

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