Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Let's Go Out!

We can't spend a weekend in Amarillo without trying to make a night out with our friends! 
18 of us met up at a's a cool hangout.  I'd been to the old location but never this new one.

I didn't bring the best outfits to go out in, one was either way to summery (looked like I was going out in Florida) or this one (that looks like I'm ready for Christmas lol) 
It was a plaid kinda night!

I've never gone out with my friend Kandi, It was fun to get to do that with her!

Landon has this ridiculous dance he does and everyone likes to mimic it......

Don't you even try to go home early when Jessi is around....She'll give you the death look and yell at you hahaha! Love her!

As always it did our hearts good to see these people and spend some time with them.  Until next time!

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