Monday, November 24, 2014

Everyday Life

This post will only appeal to us cause it's nothing but the Gann's doing life, but I want my babies to remember these times  just as much as the adventurous ones ;)

I forgot to post this picture of this little stinker the day after Halloween, he sneaked into the living room and ate some candy much to his delight.
He's been so picky lately but the past few weeks have been great and he's eaten all his green veggies! Lord I hope this continues!

Just in case he doesn't get his recommended amount of veggies I make his kale, spinach, cucumber, fruit smoothies.  At least he drinks those...

We spend most our evenings after dinner playing board games or cards.  Brielle loves it and it gets me and Landon outta playing  barbies or dress up. 

When he isn't trying to steal our game pieces or cards the is off doing his own thing. 

Mostly playing with cars though, he will empty out his entire car box looking for the perfect ones.  He will inspect them over with great detail lol. 

 I think he likes white cars the best.

What else do the Gann's do when they are bored in the evenings but measure the size of our heads.  It's an ongoing debate on who has the bigger noggin.  Landon still wins. 

This is a sneak peak at my Christmas stockings I FINALLY ordered.   Landon and I have had our two since we got married.  Even since Brielle was born I have wanted to have custom ones made but never got around to it.  They are expensive but totally worth it.  I pondered making my own since that's what I normally do but just wasn't feeling it.  I'm glad I waited till we had Hason cause now they will all match and go together nicely! Can't wait to get them in!

On November 5th I found the most precious gift waiting for me in the kitchen.  Landon is so incredibly good at remembering special days.  Even if it just a kiss and a "14 years ago today" type of comment.  This was the day we met 15 years ago.  I am so blessed.  That was one of my most favorite days of my life.  We both remember it so vividly too. 

My friend Natalie invited me to happy hour one Wednesday.  We decided this should be a monthly occurrence.  I totally agree.  I love spending time with her for one she always looks so cute and two she loves to talk about clothes with me! 

I don't think I've had sushi since I got pregnant with Hason! That's been two years now!

He does everything but sit still and listen when it's library time...

They bloomed so beautifully!  

Hason and I made a trip to the outdoor mall a couple weeks ago and I was overjoyed at the sight I saw!

This one got the Toys R Us gift magazine in the mail.  She literally circled EVERYTHING!  The funny thing is I still don't really know what to get her for Christmas cause she really doesn't want any of it.  She isn't much into toys, but more into crafts and creating.  Most toys we buy her just sit there unplayed with.

Bath time tea party.....

Hason cracks us up in there.  He holds his little cup so tight and dips his hand down into the water with lightning speed then brings it back up to drink as fast as he can.  We got it on video, had us cracking up.  I'm so grossed out he drinks bath water!  But what do ya do, I'd rather have a non screaming child than take away his cup.

Ignore the ugly wallpaper, that is was not of my choosing. 

Honey bear helping me make soft pumpkin cookies, I make these every year during the holidays, they are delish.

He is so bad!  Climbing up there to sneak cookies.  I laugh at him all the time cause he knows and can do so much but yet he is still so brand new! He's not even a year and a half yet.  

This one sure loves to play tea party.

Landon surprised us on Sunday with popcorn and a movie.  He takes good care of us.

All I need is on that couch...

And when we make it to church early once in a blue moon we get to eat breakfast there.

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