Monday, November 24, 2014

A Couple of Hams

This girl loves to talk, sing and perform.  She has made our fireplace her stage.  She has us sit on the couch and watch her preform her cheer leading routine and sing whatever songs she's learned in school.  She even makes some up.  Love her and her outgoing spirit!

Beautiful handsome has to do everything his sister does too.  He just bounced up and down haha.
Aren't his PJ's handsome! Looks like something a distinguished 50 year old man would wear to bed lol!

He has learned to say CHEESE, but more like SHEESE and pose for the camera.  

Any warm day we get I am having them spend it at the park playing and getting all the energy out, I know all to well that soon we will be cooped up for Winter.  One of my most favorite parks is the one that belongs to our Market Street United haha.  It's small so Hason can't really get hurt, it's enclosed so they can't escape and the grass is fake so they don't get that dirty!  I love the fake grass and think everyone should have this in their yards, it would sure save a lot of water!

Really?  I'm gonna worry about him and his shenanigans the rest of my life aren't I?

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