Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lots of Birthday Parties To Celebrate!

We had a ton of Birthdays to celebrate the around the end of October.  My good friends son turned 7.  They had the party at Main Event again,  Brielle remembered going last year and was excited to do it again this year. Here is B with my other friend Jayme's little boy Ryan.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the birthday boy. 

She loves fans and was thrilled when she found out she had enough tickets to get two of them!

After that party we drive to Lake Kiowa for Levi's 4th Birthday.  It was a beautiful race car party.  I sure did enjoy half the fondant on this cake!

Sweet birthday boy! How did we get here?

My little handsome is growing up way to quick, he had the time of his life at his cousins house because Levi owns tons and tons of hot wheels and those happen to be Hase's favorite. 

Then we celebrate my Grandpa's 90th Birthday!!! Last year we thought we were gonna lose him and here he is looking as young as ever.  We also celebrated my aunts birthday that night.

How beautiful is my cousin.  She makes me so proud.  She's quiet but smart and sassy and has a really good head on her shoulders.  I'm very proud of her. 

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