Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween 2014

I don't have a witch hat but a black floppy hat and some black, white and orange will do for this festive day!

We pretty much spent the day eating.  We started out at I Hop for free Jack O Lantern pancakes the kiddos could decorate themselves.

So apparently my sister in laws work goes all out for Halloween.  This is her cottage she designed! She's so creative I just LOVED it.  She also makes the most beautiful Snow White.

While B was in school I took advantage of the time and got some good pics of brother in his costumes.  I am a sucker for matching outfits but I also swoon over the puffy animal costumes for babies, and you can only get away with those for a few years.  So Hason got two costumes this year.

So good lookin!  I'm incredibly proud he leaves his hats on.  Anytime I put one on him he just grins and you can tell he feels so handsome in it.

I could literally eat him

After we picked up B we had my fav....

Then we stopped at Jamba Juice for free kids smoothies to counter effect the Mcdonalds right. 

For dinner dad brought home a pumpkin pizza from Papa Murphys

And we are ready to go! Here are my kids that never want to grow up :)

First stop Mimi's house, we Lita's but my mom wasn't home so this was the next stop.

Sasha was a dalmatian of course.

And chiquita banana lol!

B was a pro this year and even remembered to say thank you every time.  Hason was just so much fun to watch.  He didn't know what they were giving him but he gladly went up and chose what candy he wanted outta the pails. He was just precious.  He did manage to open a couple and eat some candy for the first time, cringe! 

Love these babies so so much, they make the holidays 10 times more fun and memorable!

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