Monday, November 10, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Pumpkin Farm time!  Who doesn't love the pumpkin farm.  I don't remember going to these as a kid though. 

The pumpkin farms around here kinda suck...there's no better way to say it.  There are only a few activities for the kids to do, two bounce houses, a maze and hay ride.   Everything else is just for photos.  Amarillo's pumpkin farm is the BEST and they just keep adding more and more fun activities!!!



2012, she still looked like a baby here! ;( I want my baby back, these old pictures make my heart hurt a little.

Hase really took interest in the little mini pumpkins.  

How excited was she to see Ariel!!!!!

They had this GINORMOUS hay maze.  I was nervous for Brielle to do it.  They even had to build these high up platforms for the parents to stand on so they could maybe see their kids but even those were not high enough cause they had hay bails over most of the tunnels.  I was happy to see that Brielle found a little girl to tag along with.  Their goal was to get to that slide right smack dab in the middle.  I tried to tell them which way to go but I was way off.  It was  hard to see the paths. 

Wahoo She found it!!!!!!

I can't get over this, where did my baby go?! 

2010 :(

I look like the biggest goober here! 

After we stopped for some schlotzsky's, we really like their pizza.  I caught Hason picking up a napkin and wiping his little face all by himself.  The littlest things make your heart burst when you are a parent.  

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