Monday, November 10, 2014

Family Din Din

We have had like one cold day this whole Fall season!  I'm not a fan, I do love the weather here 100 times more than Amarillo but 90's in October is rediculous.  I think everyone is having an unseasonably warm fall though. This just better mean our Winter will be nice, no 30's or 40's!!!

On this cold day we took the kiddos to Barnes and Noble to play.  I really enjoy hanging out in there.

I thought it would be a fun idea to have the family over for dinner, games and comfort food to celebrate the cooler weather.

Daddy went out and got these shoes for Brielle all by himself.  He NEVER EVER does this kind of stuff!
He had been asking me for weeks what size shoe Brielle wears.  I guess he'd had his eyes on these and got them for her.  Sweetest gesture ever!  It's funny to see how he is with my kids.  My daddy was raised in different times back then, men didn't help much with the kids and they weren't very affectionate, however he was a good daddy to us and we knew we were loved.  He is so different with his grand babies.  He loves to hug and kiss them when he greets them, tells them how beautiful they are all the time, tells them he loves um :) Makes me so happy. 

I told Landon that daddy probably envies the meals he "thinks" Landon eats every night.  I don't normally cook cassaroles or hearty flavorful food.  I stick to veggies and maybe a meat, lightly seasoned.  But when I have company over I try to make something delicious and not so healthy cause what's the fun in that when you have a dinner party.  So daddy loves eating at my house cause he gets some fatty good eatin!  I knew he would love the meal I had picked specifically for him....homemade chicken pot pie and homemade apple dumplins.

Mom brought over Parcheesi.  Brielle loves this game! It's just really long like monopoly but we like it, you never know who's going to win until the end of the game.

This one had a little too much wine that night.  I even caught her pouring some of mommies into her glass when my mom got up from the table lol.

I truly enjoy having people over all the time, anytime!!!

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