Monday, November 24, 2014

Emily's The Dirty 30!

This is one of the most loveliest couples I know!   There aren't many healthy marriages out there I am finding out the older I get.  It's refreshing being around two people fully committed to each other reaching for the same goals.  They are some of the most giving people I know.  Emily is Landon's cousins wife.  She turned 30 this year.  Where do I start with her.  She has become one of my best friends.  I feel like I can tell her anything.  I know I can always call on her and rely on her no matter what.  She's so laid back and always down for anything.  It's good for me to be around her since I'm always so wound up lol.  She's incredibly beautiful inside and out. I swear she gets prettier from year to year.  I am thrilled we live so close.  We went from Amarillo and Florida to being an hour away.  What a blessing to have your best friends so close.  Happiest of birthdays! I love you so much Emily! 

We started the night watching Dumb and Dumber II cause Emily's cool like that.  The original is one of Landon's all time favorite movies, he was stoked to see this one.  It was pretty good,  not as many good lines as the first.  Landon and I love to quote Dumb and Dumber anytime we can, the movie lines fit in quite well in our everyday lives :P

We wanted to eat at this wonderful grill but it was an hour wait and we were hungry.  So we went down the street to BWW for drinks and appetizers while we waited for a table. 

Finally, got us some cocktails and real food!

Our waiter was a smart man....

 Next stop... the dueling piano bar. I was filled with so much glee that she chose to go here.  It's my most favorite place to hang out ever!!!!!

I may or may not steal a cherry and olive every time I wait for a drink.

We don't get out much and don't get out of our 24 responsibilities very often, so we gotta let lose when we can right?

I obviously can't hang.  Trent had to run into walmart to get Emily some contact lens solution.  Found himself an eye patch along the way and thought it would be fun to turn me into a pirate.  I never liked that guy. 
This was one of the most fun nights ever for sure, my heart is full!

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