Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Will you be my flower girl?

My cousin Derrick is engaged!  I am so so proud of that kid!  He is so fun and easy going, always down for anything.  He has an incredible love for Jesus and that couldn't make me any happier!  He's always had a special place in our hearts since he was the only boy in the family growing up.

We had a get together at my moms with traditional Colombian paella to celebrate and meet his fiance Katie's family.  The were very nice people!

My soon to be sister in law cause after all Dawey is more like a brother than a cousin.

Here they are asking B to be their flower girl... somebody had to go stick his nose in their business since he wasn't getting any attention lol, that boy!

Just look at um, hey what about me!?  The did ask Hase to be a ring bearer but he is just too much trouble to take on a 3 hour plane ride so we had to sadly decline.

Flower girl!  Last time she was a flower girl she was 8 months old in Kasey's wedding :(  I feel so blessed that our family has a little flower girl for all their weddings!  

Awe another Dog Show in Ft Worth, I can't get enough! I'd go every weekend if I could.  

I've decided I'm pretty in love with the Belgium Tervuren.  They look a bit like a Shepard but much more rare to see.  I did look up their information and they seem to be a bit like a Rottie and we love Rotties.  They need to be socialized and are good guard dogs therefore meaning it's gonna take a lot of hard work and dedication to raise him right.... so the dilemma is do we just get another Rottweiler?  I'd never seen one of these dogs in real life until this show then the next day at the park a guy had one.  You can imagine my excitement.  He was awfully protective and took him a bit to warm up to me so that just goes to show they are a breed you have to take seriously and train.  I don't have that kinda time right now with the kids.

Clumber Spaniel just waiting patiently for mom to get back.

Awe the Irish Setter, not as much work as the Turveren but still needs patience when training cause they can be stubborn.

I mean how beautiful is he!

I want one of these when I'm old cause they look old haha.

My cousin Sasha shares my love for dogs so of course she was the best person to accompany me.

Look at this guy, his owner is about to sit down and take a break but he is in stance position ready to show.  These dogs love what they do!


Bet you've never seen this guy before, he's from Mexico and he is hairless, he's called a Xoloitzcuintli

He felt soooo cool, like rubber!


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