Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Beloved Poppy

How I wish this wasn't a post I had to write.  Our sweet Poppy passed away just 5 days after Easter.  We were so thankful we got to see him one more time.  He was a beautiful, hard working, joking, stubborn, loving, helpful man.  He will be dearly dearly missed.  

We drove to Amarillo for the funeral.  We stayed with Landon's mom. Sweet Hason didn't know what was going on.  Oh to be innocent and oblivious to hardships again.  She slept with Kaytie's baby doll named baby ;)

The next morning Emily and I dropped all 4 kiddos off at my friend Shannon's house. We didn't want them at the funeral, felt they were a little too young still.  Shannon was a saint for keeping them for us!  When we told Brielle about Poppy she said "well he will still be in our hearts"  So true, while we are focusing on how sad we are she is putting a positive spin on it, and besides... he is in HEAVEN!   How amazingly glorious is that!  Death is so sad but there is hope for us Christians because we have Jesus and what a blessing that is.

Poppy's funeral was beautiful and the sermon couldn't have been more perfect.  He was cremated so there was no open casket which I personally prefer. Their soul is gone and that's not really them anymore anyways.

How handsome did Randy look!

Grammy was so proud of her friends that drove down to support her.

All the little second cousins.

It was so nice to get together with everyone, just wish it were under different circumstances.

That afternoon we all met up at the hotel Landon's cousins were staying at to let the kids swim.

This little guy is sooo incredibly cute!

Sleeping beauty...

We all met up for one last meal at the Big Texan.

I adore these old men. I had lots of requests, all the old songs my daddy likes to listen too.

We watched some old home videos of pops later that night.

We caught a glimpse of Randy (Gannpa) as a baby and Hason sure does resemble him!

I had to get a picture of the sheets on Brielle's bed, they were Kaytie's when she was young and they are still in such great condition.
That is all for this post, my heart is still heavy and it's hard to say much more.

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