Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Truck Show and Puddles

Our Library has an annual truck show were all the worker trucks and first responder trucks come out and let the kids look at and play in them.  I thought Hason would love it but he was a bit afraid, mostly cause everyone kept honking the horns when they climbed inside the trucks.

The ratchets get their own special straps, nobody wants to use a strap after a ratchet hahaha!

He will LOVE this next year.  He did enjoy the popcorn and lemonade though.

I mean he has no concept of space.  No worries though, I love those little ole footses as I call them so I kissed away :)

Now that Ashleigh is living with us we sometimes sneak out and get ice cream and such.

What a pretty little Eskimo.  She matches my bed.

This was just the beginning or major major rain fall around here.  The kids had so much fun playing in the puddles.  Hason mostly through his cars in it.  I remember being in high school and riding my bike with Kasey down the alley when it was super rainy and muddy.  It was so much fun but man were we dirty when we got done.

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