Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mothers Day 2015

I always enjoy mothers day at Brielle's school.  I mean she's just so proud to serve me and show me all the mother's day projects she's been working on.  She has a very giving soul that one.

Lucky me, the  only mommy who had a lady bug on her flower.

Who doesn't love these!! I died laughing.  She's heard me talk way to much about protein these days obviously.

Oh and I'm smart cause I know how to get to Amarillo hahaha!  This kid!

Mother's Day Sunday.

They had this cute little backdrop set up at church.

They treated me to Teirney's all you can eat Sunday buffet.

Then they had to sneak away to finish wrapping my gifts and such.

Hason colored me a picture.

Damn Landon getting me snacks even though I tell him to not get me snacks.  He can't help himself, he knows it's my fav.

Lord knows I need this, I'm looking old and wrinkly now a days.  It's so sad, unfortunately I don't have pretty skin.

Brielle picked out the necklace and I was pretty stoked about my arm band for my phone, should make things easier at the gym.  Normally I have workout pants with a built in phone pocket but when I don't I have to put it in my waistband ha.

She had a whole itinerary written up for the day.

*watch squirrels (what? lol)
*pet Neely (cause I love loving on my dog)
*Play games
*stay up late
*Try to catch leaves (so funny how kids hear words... she thinks we are saying Chri instead of try)  Also Drink she writes Jrink.
*ride the mustang on moms day

*fun place
*yummy lunch
*nap (my favorite!)
*sno cones 
I love how she wrote things she loves to do, obviously but also incorporated things I love as well ;)  We did almost all of these on her list.

We were twins, her little dress is so cute and it's her favorite.  It has a cut out in the back of a heart and jewels for buttons.

Duh, I have 3 babies.

We had dinner  at McDonald's, my pick cause I'm the only mother who loves McDonald's.

My aunt brought a cake by afterwards and we all played some uno.  Brielle demands we keep score they way the rules say you should.

Blessed day and I'm so lucky I get to be their mom.  Most days I feel unworthy of such an important job.  I hope they look at me one day and said my momma did the best she could and it was enough.

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