Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Just the Kids

The older he gets the more he's gonna realize what a disappointment the store is, so much fun stuff to buy that we won't be buying.  Always wanting me to open the toys for him.  He thinks they are for the taking haha.

My cutting board is not your playground.

Chalk butt

Sometimes we indulge in a little McDonald's.  That was always our favorite place to go as kids.  I know, I know their food doesn't disintegrate and it's definitely not good for you but so isn't 80% of every other kids meals out there either.  These two eat healthy most the time so I don't worry when they get a "cheat day" :)

How cute were the toys this day and perfect for my kids, Brielle's favorite animal is a horse and Hase of course loves cars!  My sisters and I would have died over these horses.

And the little car lights up!

Sometimes we have to take a break from eating and playing to do some chores and sort socks ha.  Now that Brielle is almost six it's time for me to up the game and get her on a more strict chore schedule I believe.  Right now she loosely does the sock sorting, putting away silver wear, setting the table, feeding the dog picking up toys, cleaning windows and wiping down the trash can.  I want to make sure those get done more regularly and I would like to add, cleaning baseboards, vacuuming stairs and making her bed to the list. 

HA, caught him checking out his car.  He is so proud.

He's such a lover.

Yes, that's my nose.

Brielle's first text message to Landon, she sent him all her favorite things and had so much fun doing it.  He is such a sucker for her, you should have seen his face when he got it.  

Mr. Handsome dressed up like a lil man.  He's wearing Landon's bow tie from when he was little.  He kinda reminds me of my cousin Derrick when he was little here, with that big ole head and all lol. 

There are some cart seat belts that almost do not fit, what am I supposed to do then?

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