Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Everyday Kinda Day

They can't let their dad outta their site!  Look at that beautiful plumbers crack.
Got new bank shirts for his new bank.  

I got the most thoughtful gift in the mail from my cousin Natalie.  I adore this necklace and I can layer it with others.

My mom only works half days on Friday so sometimes we go pick her up and go walking for miles.  She was super hyper this day, doing things on the playground that scares me lol.  That woman's gonna break her other hand!

A typical Hason fit cause he wants to be doing what his sister is doing.  My mom says I used to throw the same kind of fits....Landon says I still do.

This is normally our back to school tradition but why not do it just because...

We celebrated daddy's birthday by taking him to eat at Cracker Barrel, buying him some licorice candy and taking him shopping for a new pair of britches.

Look what I found on craigslist!  It just has me giddy and I almost cried when I got it!! We had this as kids and when I saw it I just knew I had to get it for my kiddos.  Wish we still had our original one but this will do just fine.
 I threw it in as part of the kids Easter presents.  

Hase loving on his sick sister.

I took Brielle to the Dr. cause she had a pretty high fever.  I swore she had strep but that came back negative.  Even the doctor thought that's what it was.  We were puzzled until I told her Hason had had  fever a couple days before that only lasted a day so I though nothing of if.  He had been cranky but when isn't he cranky, he is in the terrible twos ya know.  Anyways she sat him down and looked at his throat and low and behold... Hand Foot Mouth Disease.  Lucky for me neither of them broke out in a rash and they had a very mild case.

We stopped at Target to spread their germs, I mean get them some crackers and gatorade.  I was a sucker and picked up a Frozen Easter basket for Brielle cause I felt sorry for her being sick, it was super on sale of course :)

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