Monday, June 15, 2015

Easter 2015

We decided to spend Easter in Amarillo.  Landon's Poppy had been very sick and had surgery a little while ago and was not recovering well so we wanted to see him really badly.
We drove down late on Friday and stopped at sonic for a pick me up.  Hason's first coke lol, not a fan... good! Maybe he'll never become addicted to them.

  I took the kids over to my sisters in the morning so she could have some time with them while I worked.   Luckily I can work from anywhere so I don't lose the hours

Then we headed over to Gigi and Gannpa's to celebrate Easter.  

This man, so random.  Always has us laughing, he wanted to show off his bull horn, why... we don't know ha.

He also has a problem with wasting things.  He keeps everything!  I saw him place his food plate on top of the fridge...first of all why on top and not in?  When I got it down to take a peak this is all he had left but by golly he wasn't gonna waste food so he was saving that for later.  He is a character that father in law of mine!

My sweeties and they are all mine!

These two!  Love them together!

Gigi came up with the cutest idea for their Easter egg prizes.  She knows I don't like candy for them so she filled most of them with strips of paper that read prize or $1.

She had toys they could choose from for their prize outta this box.  She made sure they had equal amounts of toys and made sure they were definitely boy and girl toys so no fighting lol.

Look at that face, it hurt him bad to hand over a dollar haha.

Then there was this commercial.  We had a huge laugh at this poor ladies expense.  If you're ever around me ask me to show it to you, I've got it on my phone. Funniest thing ever.

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