Tuesday, June 30, 2015

School is out! Party time!

School is out so that means party!  Ok really though, that means sleeping in! YAY.  I just ADORE how Brielle sleeps with her little hands together under her cheek, just like princess.  So beautiful.
I'm happy to have my baby home in the mornings.

But sometimes she needs her own space from her little bothersome brother.  Bless his heart, he just sits outside her door quietly looking at books waiting for her to come out.

He's started putting his sippys in the most random places haha

And that's how he drinks it.  Silly boy.

What else do you do when school is out.  Bake healthy muffins of course!

And build Castles with your Lita.  My moms so creative. 

Play time!

When it's too rainy or hot outside we hit up the gym for open play on Thursdays and Fridays.  You can really get a good little workout riding stick horses I tell ya.

With the heat and the fact that Brielle is so tender headed and I hate fixing any one's hair especially mine I decided to cut her hair.  I asked her of course and made sure it was something she wanted to and she was excited.

Went ahead and got Hase done too (in the prissy girl store of course ha)  

The lady was so incredibly slow.  He was in that seat for more than 20 minutes.  She said he was the most well behaved little boy she's ever had!  He was too, I was so proud of him.  She got to see a little of the real Hason when we left and I wouldn't buy him 18 suckers.

So long and so beautiful, but oh so tangly

I think she looks younger with shorter hair and I sure like that part.

After your haircut you get to play the Olaf.

She obviously liked that.

 We all have our moments.  The fighting is worse cause they are not used to being around each other so much but I am Lovin summer time with my babies.

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