Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gala and Chi Omega Alumni!

My friend Melodie invited us to a Gala for a fundraising event in Frisco.  Of course we would go, we love those kinds of events.

Right away we saw a celebrity ha.  I have no idea why this guy was dressed like this.

The food was a collection of samples from all different restaurants.  I love that cause you get a little bit of everything.  

Us girls, apparently it was a cut our dress kinda night ha.

Andrew got volunteered to karaoke, he mad a good diva.

My end of night snack....meal

I was laughing so hard at the these guys.  All Landon wanted to do was talk to Andrew and all Andrew wanted to do was dance lol.  He wasn't even listening to Landon.

So I received an email a few months back outta the blue asking if I would be interested in helping start up a Chi Omega Alumni group in our area.  Heck Yes I would!  It would be much easier to make friends by getting in at the beginning than try to join an already established group.  Over and over I am reminded that God knows the desires of your heart even if you don't ask for them.  I don't pray for myself a lot.  It feels funny and selfish to pray for me and the things I need and want when there are so many others I need to pray for that need the prayers more than I do.  So I normally leave myself out, but he still takes such good care of me.

We held our first event a few weeks ago.  It was just a meet and greet but it went really well and we had abotu 50 women show up.  I got teary eyed (imagine that)  while looking around at everyone.  While this is all exciting and I love meeting new sorority sisters, they will never be my college sisters and it made me miss those times so incredibly much.

Our launch team.

This little lady in the green was so beautiful.  She was the oldest member there and even informed me that she had actually started her Chi Omega chapter at her school way back when.  Isn't that cool!  The love for your sorority never ever goes away.  It's a priceless gift to be a part of something so great.

We played trivia games.  I hardly remembered anything.  For shame.

The girl on the bottom right hand side is the one who got it all together.  I think her and I will be very good friends!  God has always blessed me with great friends and he has finally brought me a couple of beautiful genuine friendships here in Flower Mound.  That had been missing from my life but I decided early on not to force it and just see what God had in store for me in the friend category.  Amy is just great!

I was not expecting to meet anyone from little ole WT when I was surrounded by all these large school
 Chi O's.  To my surprise and glee there were two ladies there from our Upsilon Zeta Chapter!  Naturally they were fabulous and we just ate each other up :)

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