Saturday, June 27, 2015

Landon's Birthday and Kaytie's Engagement!

Landon turned 31 this year.  Kinda sad cause we wish we could go back to his 30th Birthday... that was awesome!! (caught him with his mouth full ha)  I ordered him a pizza just for himself for dinner.  The rest of us had our usual protein, sweet potatoes and greens. 

Brielle made this a school for Landon for fathers day.  I thought it was so sweet they went ahead and did that since school would obviously not be in session for that occasion.  These little things always mean so much to me.

I also let B pick out a slice of chocolate cake for him at the grocery store.  You should have seen the massive fit Hason threw when Brielle carried the cake outta the store and not him.  Gotta love the terrible 1 1/2's 

One of the moms at Brielle's school hosted an end of year party for the kiddos.  She rented a bounce house, ordered pizza and had cupcakes. 

There dog was the sweetest! I just love big dogs cause they never grow up.  She just kept jumping in that darn bounce house with the kids haha.

Not only was it Landon's bday on the 21st but it was these guy's one year anniversary and Zac PROPOSED!!!  It makes me tear up just typing that.  We are elated!!!!!!!!!!  They both look just stunning in their engagement pics and her ring.... well it's to die for!  What a blessing!

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