Saturday, June 20, 2015

Art Festival

We love all the fun outdoor events our city hosts.  There are always fun things of the kids to do.

Fits fits always fits, no matter how fun the place.

Then he bounces back to happy lol.  I die for his outfit :)

Going out to eat will never be the same...

She loves Claires and always asks if we can stop in for a bit to try on all the tiaras haha, I just love her!

Is there anything better than Baptism Sunday!?  I cried my eyes out!  

Oh my Hason was CRACKING us up at the park this day.  He saw himself in this mirror and said BEEBEE aka baby.

Then he gave the baby kisses, yes the mirror is dirty but if you know me I'm not a germaphobe at all.  He's a stay at home baby so he needs germs :)  I myself will even eat food off the floor, ain't no thang.

Then he looked behind the mirror to see where the baby had gone hahahaha!

He's back.  Such a sweetie!  Their innocence is priceless. 

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