Saturday, June 20, 2015

Coleman Family Night Out

 We met the Coleman's in Denton for a night out.  It's about halfway between our Cities so it's a great meet up spot.  Coleman family time is my favorite time!  We met at Mellow Mushroom, good but not worth the price especially when you can get Papa Murphy's now a days! 

When the kids got rowdy we decided to walk down to a little ice cream shop and get them ice cream to calm them down ha!  We just weren't ready to part ways and go home yet!

Hason sitting with the big kids!  Melts my heart.

Two of the studliest dad's around.

Cousins are the best!

Hason decided to take it upon himself and fix his own hair with his hair cream.

My family came over after we got home cause we were having a garage sale the next day.  Around here you can't just have them when you please.  They organize community garages sales which I love!

We have tried and tried to get rid of this big ole thing and nobody wants it even for free!  It's such a shame to get rid of a perfectly good tv that works but everyone has flat screens now.  This was my bday gift from Landon years ago when we first started dating.  How sweet is that.  He was so proud and we thought it was sooo cool cause it was "huge' to us back then lol

Nope they are not for sale!

Ok he is.  Go ahead and throw a fit out on the concrete.  See if I care.

Brielle made out well that day!  Landon likes to check out the garage sales around the area too, never know when he may find something he needs for the yard.  He stumbled upon this barbie house with all the accessories.  I've seen these things on my fb garage sale site and they go for like $40.  We scored this one at $20.  If was priced at $25 but I had him talk them down of course.

She also got some cute lil golf clubs.

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