Monday, June 15, 2015

Working From Home

I love being able to make my own hours and work from home.  This little job of mine is truly a blessing!

It is difficult sometimes when I have 3 little ones needing my attention and looking at me like this...

Or when they lay on my computer....

For the most par though they play really nice..

Sometimes we take a moment to watch some Elmo...

When it's just Hason he is so good.  When it's Hase and B there is quite a bit of fighting.

He loves babies...He call's them Beebee's

I feel like I've posted these pictures before but cannot remember so...
We all know how much he loves Neely and all doggies for that matter.  She's so good and patient with him.

He gets frustrated with her when she doesn't cooperate.  Not sure what he wanted her to do, look at Neely's face though haha!

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