Saturday, June 20, 2015

First of Many Cookouts

Our 3 kiddos, the oldest one is a very big help when it comes to the little two :)

Mom was having us over for a cookout so of course we had to stop and get Spider Man some booze.  I love it when Landon's is silly and goes with my ideas ha.

So serious...

She always goes all out!

Brielle ended up staying the night with mom so it was just us 3 for Church and brunch the next day.  It was weird not having B there.

But she loves staying with her Lita.

We decided to heat the pool up again and have friends over.

Sweet little Lillian, Melodie has wanted a girl forever especially after her two boys so he is just tickled by this baby girl.  She's such good baby too!

Her first time in the pool was in ours.  Lucky us.

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