Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A sidekick and a gymnast

This is kinda his thing every time we leave the gym...

He's always so proud to show me his "calow"  that he colored in class.

Tough guy!

Handing her his banana haha

Papa Lou is gracious enough to come by sometimes and sit at my house while Hason sleeps so I can run errands.  Do you know how nice that is!! Hason sleeps for at least 2 1/2 hours so I get a good amount of time to get out and get stuff done, or meet friends for lunch ;)

Watching sister so patiently at cheer class.  Normally he isn't so good.  They also have free play here on Thursdays and Fridays so Hason doesn't understand why he can't go out there as well since he can on some days.

She has changed her mind and wants to do gymnastics instead of cheer now.  They are both pretty much the same thing but I will humor her and switch her classes.

On a side note my Aunt got herself a new little car!! I almost cried when she came to show me!  She totally deserves it plus it's a convertible and you know how I feel about those!

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