Saturday, June 27, 2015

Last Day of School

My honey bear had her last day of preschool ever this year.  It hurts to type that.  We have had so much rain lately they were lucky to have one day of sun for their scheduled water day....

Her class had a mini program where they each got up and said their favorite bible story and why, then they sang a song.  I would have been scared to death to do that in front of all those people.  All the kids did great, I think it's good for them to start early getting up in front of people and speaking publicly. Brielle's favorite was Adam and Eve because you learn there are consequences when you don't listen.

What a difference a 8 months makes 

Since she was technically in their kindergarten class and not preschool, she had a kindergarten graduation.

It wasn't till I picked her up after school for the very last time in this building that it hit me.  I stood there and watched her and let it sink in.  Two years in this school flew by.  I remember interviewing them when I as pregnant with Hason.  Crazy!  You think your life is passing before your eyes, wait till you have kids, you and everyone else around you ages at incredibly speeds it seems.  

Last time walking down this hall.  Oh I cried.  Next time it will be me and Hason walking in here.  I can't even believe that!  He didn't even exist when I first walked in the is place.  I was so grateful to all the teachers here.  Not only did Brielle learn great social skills and learned how to read and write but she learned more about Jesus here than she has at church.  I'm incredibly happy about that and very sad about her going to public school.  I will be sure to tell her public school teacher that if she is a Christian I have no problem with her talking to my kid about Jesus.  

What a blessing this place has been.  I am so incredibly proud of my baby.  She is very responsible, kind and smart.  She works hard and is a bit of a perfectionist and wants to always do her best.  She's a great all around easy kid.  We couldn't ask for more.

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