Monday, June 15, 2015

My Littles

My sweet little gymnast.  She can do no wrong, only talk way to much at times :P

She had to make a bottle rocket for Awana, since that's more of a manly type craft I let Landon take that one over.

We can spend many afternoons at the park right now since it's not super hot right now.

Every time he climbed up to the slide he would pause and look at this dang crumb in the corner of the step.  He wanted to eat it so bad haha, fatty.

He is so stout and strong this kid.  The name Hason after all means strong and hardy. He demanded he carry out my paper towels for me.

We had our first pool mishap,  I don't normally let them in the pool area especially without a floatie but since i was sitting right there dangling my feet in the pool I wasn't concerned.  Hason was being a toot and annoying his sister.  He wasn't being careful and I thought it wouldn't be the worst thing if he did topple over into the water cause them he would know to be more cautious. Well he did and it was the coolest thing to watch.  Have you ever seen that video of that program that teaches babies how to swim and how it is instinctual for them to turn themselves over in the water, that's why they can be taught to swim at such a young age?  Well I have and Hason did just that.  Don't worry I made it to him in one step across the hotub but in that one second literally he had already turned himself back over, grabbed the side and pulled himself up haha.  Pretty crazy.  Don't let this fool you, I'm a pool safety freak and have many rules the kids have to follow or else! :)

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