Thursday, June 11, 2015

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Annual Flower Mound Easter Egg Hunt

It's divided by age so that makes it more fair.  I went with Hason and Landon went with Brielle.  He did good at his first real egg hunt, I was proud.

We had to have a come to Jesus talk with this one about how we should be more thankful.  In the big kids hunt they not only have eggs but they have snack size bags of cookies, gold fish, candy, it's awesome!  But to a kid if you don't get a lot of eggs that's a fail so Brielle was pouty about that but she had a boat load of snacks... those were way better than the dinky toys in the eggs in our opinion.  I won't stand for my kids to not be thankful and gracious for the things they have, even if it is Easter Eggs so it was a nice teachable moment.  We are so blessed and rich in this country,  I don't want them to forget it or feel entitled.

Why stand all the way back there when I can just walk up and drop it in, automatic win and prize! Smart baby :)

They also have an adult hunt with a few eggs filled with gift cards to local restaurants and such.  There's the kids and Landon watching me cause he didn't wear good running shoes.  I didn't get anything but candy by the way, boo.  And no I wasn't thankful or gracious for candy and threw it away, my bikini will thank me later!

If he can't be in the middle of it he is mad!

Brielle and I decorated eggs to take for her school egg hunt.  We made bunnies and filled them with little chicks. I live for this kinda stuff!

Dad even helped poke the holes for the ears, it was a family craft night I guess you could say.

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