Monday, June 15, 2015

Some Regular Days

This guy, he's in his terrible twos but can still behave so well sometimes.  He had to accompany me to my annual check up and was so well behaved.  I made sure to bring snacks and turn on YouTube for him when the Dr came in.  He sat as still as can be through the whole appointment.  Speaking of annual appointments, I swear nobody looks forward to theirs as much as I do!  I adore my doctor cause he helped me get my Vbac with Hason so I always love seeing him and telling him how he will always have a special place in my heart.  Love that man.

Last time we were here together was at my 37 week appointment :)  How surreal.

My other baby in NY that I miss so much.

Ashleigh and I are trying to be good motivators for each other.  We have this place called Salata, if you've never tired one you need to!  It was really good and fresh and healthy!

Free play kinda day!

It's guaranteed no matter how fun or magical the place Hason will find a way to be miserable.  Good thing he's cute when he's happy!

Landon likes having someone around who enjoys video games.

Every night we sit on the couch and watch our shows and every night he asks why I have to sprawl out all over him when we have a whole couch.  Cause I need love and attention and I may be a class 5 clinger.

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