Monday, June 15, 2015

Easter Part 2

After spending time with the Gann's we went back to Landon's mom's house to put the kids down for bed, but first they had to open Nonna's presents.

He is such a clown. The things he thinks of on his own have us laughing all the time.

B got a beautiful angel snow globe.  What a precious little gift. 

We put Hason to bed and Brielle and Nonna did some coloring

Landon and I met up with friends since we had a sitter that night.

We met at this cute little dessert bar.  Wish Amarillo had that when I lived there.

We just so happened to run in to one of our favorite people ever while we were out!  If you don't know Chad you are missing out.

We went to our old church Amarillo South for Easter Sunday.  That place means the world to me, it's where I fell in love with Jesus and where I was baptized and married.  From the first time I walked in the door when I was 14 I knew there was something so special about that place.  I had never liked going to church until then.  I ran into my long time friend Tiffani and her precious family.  We have been friends for around 16 years.

Isn't her baby a little doll!!  OOOoooo so kissable! 

After church we had lunch with Landon's mom's side of the family at Grandmommy's house.
I can't believe how big these two are.  Allie was just one when Landon and I started dating and Nick wasn't even born.

Grandmomma made sure to have a special egg with each of our names on it with a little money from the Easter Bunny.

How are you supposed to take a picture when both of your "good sides" are on the same side! lol

I gave in, so here's my bad side lol

We left the kids with a carton full of confetti eggs at Gannpa and Gigi's so we could go visit Poppy before we left.  Landon got to see him Saturday but I hadn't had a chance to visit yet.

Bless his sweet sweet heart.  He was so tired he couldn't open his eyes I was kinda glad cause I had a very hard time holding it together and didn't want to upset him.  It's incredibly hard seeing a grown man so helpless.  It is a very sad thing to get old and sick and hard for everyone around that loves that person so much.  We told him we loved him, I kissed his head and we left with heavy hearts. 

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